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Night Putting at Indio Municipal

Indio Muni at Night

Indio Muni at Night

Indio, CA-Indio’s Municipal Golf Course offers one of the longest par 3 courses in the country ranging from 120 to 240 yards. This facility was constructed over 50 years ago by the City of Indio on approximately 46 acres, measuring 3,004 yards in length with a lake located between the 9th hole and 18th holes.  The track is pretty basic when you consider Championship Golf in the Coachella Valley, but it does have one thing that no other CV course has, “lights”.  That’s right, you can play Indio Muni at night.

Golf is tough enough during the day, but it’s much tougher at night.  We played in a skins game for many years at Indio Muni.  We would tee off at 7:00 p.m. in the Winter and the temp would be about 40 degrees, which feels like 20 degrees in the desert. If you were hitting a 3-iron into one of the 200 yard par 3’s and hit it thin, you would remember it for a long time. The lighting throws your depth perception all out of whack, so it takes a while to get used to that.  We would take our carry bags, grab a couple of cold ones and head out for a night-lighted 18.

The city relighted the course last year with a better lighting system.  After the city decided to relight the Indio Municipal Golf Course with Musco’s Light-Structure Green™ system, revenue from the golf course has increased over 30%. The city will save over $530,000 in life-cycle cost compared to prior technology lighting systems. The Light-Structure Green system also cuts spill light to adjoining residential property by 50% compared to prior technology systems.

Indio Municipal re-opens on November 1, 2009 after the fall overseeding.  The green fees are usually around 30 bucks for 18, so it won’t break the bank. will be over there the first week of November to try out those new lights and let you know what we think.  If you haven’t played at night, you have to try it.  It is a unique experience.  Call 1-760-391-4049 and say Hello to David Ruvulo, PGA Head Golf Professional.  Tell them sent ya’.